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Projects overview

Anders / Schröder / Brands
Effects of Steel-fibers on the Degradation of High-Performance Concrete subjected to Fatigue Loading - Testing and Modeling.  Details

Breitenbücher / Meschke
Influence of microfibers on the degradation of high performance concrete under cyclic loading.  Details

De Lorenzis / Leusmann
Multiscale investigation of fatigue crack growth in high performance concrete based on computer tomography and phase-field fracture modeling.  Details

Dosta / Ritter / Schmidt-Döhl
High resolution electron microscopy of fatigue behavior in high performance concrete and multiscale modelling using a bonded particle model.  Details

Empelmann / Dinkler
Damage Processes in Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete under Cyclic Tensile Loading.  Details

Fischer / Große / Volkmer / Peter
Multiscale modelling of the degradation progress in the localised fracture zone of carbon fibre reinforced high-performance concrete subjected to high-cycle tension and flexural tension fatigue loading.  Details

Koenders / Dehn / Pahn
Visualisation and micromechanical modelling of internal damage processes due to cyclically loaded high performance concretes, with emphasis on the hygral and thermal boundary conditions.  Details

Lohaus / Wriggers
Water-induced damage mechanisms of cyclic loaded high-performance concrete.  Details

Mechtcherine / Kaliske
Enhancement of fatigue resistance of strain-hardening cement-based composites by means of experimental-virtual multiscale material design.  Details

Scheerer / Tran
Influence of load-induced temperature fields on the fatigue behaviour of UHPC subjected to high frequency compression loading.  Details

Steeb / Garrecht
Temperature- and moisture-induced damage processes due to cyclic pressure swelling stressDetails

Oneschkow / Löhnert
Material composition influenced damage development in high-strength concrete under cyclic loading.  Details