Projects of the First Period

The focus of the priority programme is the investigation and modelling of material degradation in the concrete structure. In the first funding period of the priority programme, damage mechanisms in the fatigue process were investigated experimentally, taking into account defined influences, described using damage indicators and visualised using imaging methods. Damage was modelled using different approaches and at different scale levels, initially for a few load cycles, and validated and calibrated using the damage indicators and visualisations. In the first funding period, the focus was on the consideration of the main load types of pressure, tension (transverse tension) and bending as well as influences from concrete compositions, load type and speed and environmental conditions.

Anders / Schröder / Brands

Effects of Steel-fibers on the Degradation of High-Performance Concrete subjected to Fatigue Loading - Testing and Modeling.

Breitenbücher / Meschke

Influence of microfibers on the degradation of high performance concrete under cyclic loading.

De Lorenzis / Leusmann

Multiscale investigation of fatigue crack growth in high performance concrete based on computer tomography and phase-field fracture modeling. 

Dosta / Ritter / Schmidt-Döhl

High resolution electron microscopy of fatigue behavior in high performance concrete and multiscale modelling using a bonded particle model.

Empelmann / Dinkler

Damage Processes in Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Under Cyclic Tensile Loading.

Fischer / Große / Volkmer / Peter

Multiscale modelling of the degradation progress in the localised fracture zone of carbon fibre reinforced high-performance concrete subjected to high-cycle tension and flexural tension fatigue loading - phase 2: damage accumulation and degradation prediction.

Koenders / Dehn / Pahn

Visualisation and micromechanical modelling of internal damage processes due to cyclically loaded high performance concretes, with emphasis on the hygral and thermal boundary conditions.

Lohaus / Wriggers

Water-induced damage mechanisms of cyclic loaded high-performance concretes. 

Mechtcherine / Kaliske

Enhancement of fatigue resistance of strain-hardening cement-based composites by means of experimental-virtual multiscale material design. 

Scheerer / Tran

Influence of load-induced temperature fields on the fatigue behaviour of UHPC subjected to high frequency compression loading.

Steeb / Garrecht

Temperature- and humidity-induced damage processes caused by multi-axial cyclic loading. 

Oneschkow / Löhnert

Material composition influenced damage development in high-strength concrete under cyclic loading .

Lohaus / Oneschkow

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